I’ve worked in communications my whole career—journalism and TV production before the Web, then Web writing and information architecture (designing site structures and navigation), then all of the above plus content marketing and strategy. In between all that I’ve written a book (a biography of an Alaska pioneer) and many magazine articles and newsletters, mostly on environmental subjects, some illustrated with my photographs.

I do much of my work online, coordinating remotely with clients as far away as Alaska, although now that I live in the Florida Keys, I’ve started working more in person with local businesses, organizations and individuals.

~ John Howe

Conch Reef lobsters (November, 2013)

Please note: this photo is highly deceptive! I didn’t catch ANY of these lobsters! Tavernier neighbor and lobster hunting ace Charlie Sposato did, with me as novice backup (November, 2013 – Conch Reef, Upper Keys).

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