Fresh out of college, I reported and wrote arts and entertainment articles for two community newspapers in Baltimore. After moving to Alaska, I wrote articles on wildlife and other outdoor subjects for Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife, Margin and Alaska magazines, and produced an environmental organization’s newsletter. Here are some excerpts and photos.


Living in Alaska, I got interested in an Alaska pioneer and bear expert named Allen Hasselborg. I spent two years researching a biography of him on several grants, traveling to museums and libraries and interviewing sources in 12 states.  ”Bear Man of Admiralty Island” was published in 1996 by the University of Alaska Press and has sold about 6,000 copies. Learn more about it at Amazon.com.

Web copywriting & content marketing

Web copy writing and content marketing (mostly writing for blogs) have been my bread and butter for the past 16 years, at times combined with Web information architecture (designing site structures and navigation). Here’s more about that on another website >

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