“Challenge in the Tuxtlas” – Defenders of Wildlife Magazine (Winter 1998/99)
Few people realize that “our” migratory songbirds (warblers, thrushes, etc.) aren’t on vacation when they’re down in Central and South America for six months of the year; they’re integral components of many neotropical ecosystems–their ancient ancestors lived there year-round. I wrote about that in several articles about a World Wildlife Fund research and economic development project in the mountains of southeastern Mexico.> excerpts & photos

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“The Saga of Bill and Dimple” – Audubon Magazine (January, 1982) 
Studying animal behavior in grad school at San Francisco State, I got interested in the question of animal awareness, so when an opportunity came up to volunteer for a field research project on Northern Elephant Seals breeding on the Farallon Islands, I eagerly signed on. I got what I asked for – an up-close, mind-boggling look at a fierce rivalry between two dominant male seals.
> excerpts & photos

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“Grander Images” – Alaska Magazine (November, 1982) 
Living in Alaska, I worked off and on as a field assistant to wildlife filmmaker Joel Bennet. We visited many wild areas of Alaska and I got to know a consummate “camera hunter” and dedicated conservationist. I wrote this profile to document what I learned.
> excerpts and photos

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“The Red Light on Bligh Reef” – commentary for KTOO-Radio, Juneau, Alaska 
This is one of a series of live radio commentaries on environmental subjects I did for KTOO, the PBS station in Juneau, Alaska. The previous summer I’d spent almost a month working on a film crew in Prince William Sound, so like many Alaskans who knew and loved that glorious place I was devastated and angry about the Exxon Valdez oil spill–and naive enough to hope that it might help Americans begin to kick our fossil fuels habit.
> commentary

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